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How to care for your Ariat Boots

We at The Stable Door would like you to enjoy and wear your boots as long as possible. Ariat Boots come in a range of leathers, styles and colours. Ariat boots  are hand made, using a range of technologies and leathers to produce a fit for purpose boot. With the right care and following a few simple tips you will maximise the life of your investment.

 Tips to prolong the life of your Ariat Boots

Try to avoid wearing the same pair of boots every day , leather is a natural fibre and will absorb moisture/perspiration. It is recommended that footwear be alternated every 2-3 days and allowed to dry naturally in a well ventilated area, away from any direct heat source or sunlight. This will greatly prolong the life of your boots
Clean your boots daily with either a damp cloth to remove mud and stuck on grime or a dry cloth to remove dust
If your boots have become wet, insoles should be removed and and the boots allowed to dry out naturally away from direct heat and sunlight in a well ventilated area.
If necessary use Ariat saddle soap to thoroughly clean your boots before applying conditioner or Ariat premium boot cream

If possible apply a good quality leather conditioner and allow to penetrate overnight and buff off excess  (Please note some leather colours will darken when using leather conditioner it is best to do a small test area first)
Once boots have been conditioned apply Ariat premium boot cream to bring up a gloss finish.
If your boots look like they will darken when using a leather conditioner instead use the Ariat premium boot cream neutral as it does have some conditioning qualities.
Ariat premium boot cream neutral can be used on all finished and smooth leathers.
Coloured premium boot cream should only be used on smooth and finished leathers to cover scuff marks and retain a gloss finish. If boots are badly scuffed allow cream to stay on overnight to allow penetration of the pigment.


Maintenance of your boots depends on the amount of use and exposure to the elements.
When maintaining your boots regularly check the stitching and the wear of the sole and heels. If any repairs are needed it is always best to get them done sooner rather than later.

Boot cream should only be applied when your boots start to look a bit dull or to cover scuff marks. Over application of boot cream stops the leather from breathing and prevents the absorption of leather conditioners.

      Please note these tips are a guide only