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Introducing Avenel, an Australian owned and operated family company that love everything hats. Founded in 1966, the company now boasting many inhouse brands as well as international labels has become the accessory essential for quality and style in wardrobes nationally and beyond.

From two young men previously working with a leading hat manufacturer in Flinders Lane Melbourne in the late 1950’s, both shared a great passion and knowledge for head-wear.  Mr Norm Dobinson and Mr Horrice Smith knew not only of a hats purpose of protecting from the elements, but also of one’s desire to use accessories to personalize their look as well as tell their story.  Their passion for headwear lead them to realize a dream, a dream of ensuring the heritage of hats lived on…Avenel was born.

For over 50 years Avenel continues to take us back to those days in which class, style, and that certain panache was an essential standard in every wardrobe, no matter the generation.

The first knowledge shared when joining the team at Avenel, is a hat made of superior quality is a timeless tribute to the days when you tipped the brim of your hat with a smile before walking out the door

For so long, people thought Avenel were about selling hats.  But really, we are so much more. Avenel strive to continue to be successfully known and admired for playing a large part in keeping the heritage and love of hats alive.

To many, a hat is not just an accessory. It is a part of a story from those who wear them with distinction. From artisans who create our hats by hand, our local stores that display them with heart, and our customers who wear them with love, a story is told throughout.

Avenel continue to design quality headwear and accessories for men, women and children.  Our season collections evolve with current trends, premium materials, textures and colours. Our design team continue to develop styles that will have you covered for protection while ensuring we never compromise on style.

Soak up the sun in an Avenel hat, your perfect accessory.