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What to Know When Selecting My R.M. Williams Craftsman Boots

Selecting My Craftsman Style Guide

When choosing your R.M.Williams boots it is important to understand the characteristics of the leathers and soles used in the making of your R.M.Williams Boots. As you will see from the information provided not all leathers and soles are suitable for everyday use but are designed and crafted to make a statement whether its in the office, board meetings, dress or casual ware. For more information on caring for your boots please refer to our R.M.Williams Leather Care Page.

Comfort Sole

The Comfort sole is perfect for everyday wear made with a Non-slip composition rubber sole that is long wearing.
The comfort technology features a fibreglass airport-friendly shank, which reinforces the the shape of the boot and supports the arch.
Padded heel lining increases the superior comfort of the insole. Soft, durable microfibre 'sock lining' draws moisture away from the foot, allowing it to breathe. Light sole construction increase flexibility while retaining the durability of a composite sole. These boots can be re-soled.
This sole is used to make the Comfort Craftsman, Comfort Turnout and the Comfort Tambo.

Dynamic Flex

The Dynamic Flex Sole is a mixture of Rubber and Leather sole it is long wearing with an orthotic inner sole for additional cushioning & support. It also features a fibreglass airport-friendly shank, which reinforces the the shape of the boot and supports the arch. The Goodyear welt construction is world's best construction ensuring soles are waterproof, strong and flexible. The combination of leather and rubber provide a unique sole flexibility. These boots can be re-soled. The Insole can be removed to accommodate orthotic inserts.

Classic Leather Sole

The Classic leather sole is the Heritage sole of the Craftsman. Developed by one of RM's original employees from 1932 it is now used across a range of dress and business boots, including the Kangaroo Craftsman, Suede Craftsman, Chinchilla and exotic leather boots that are designed for elegance and dress.
The Classic sole is sewn leather welt with a leather lining and can be re-soled.
This sole is used in the making of the Signature Craftsman, Craftsman, Chinchilla, Sydney Boot and Stockman Buckle Boot.

When using for every day work on abrasive surfaces such as concrete the leather sole will wear quicker than the Comfort or Dynamic Flex Sole.

Yearling Leather

Yearling cowhide is a versatile fine grained leather from yearling aged cattle. It is supple and durable used for Dress or light work boots. It is used in a range of colours including Black, Chestnut, Rum, Dark Tan and Tan.

Suede Leather

Suede is a leather crafted to a lighter weight finish and has a fuzzy look with a napped finish it holds dye well resulting in a more intense colour saturation. Suede leather is prone to blemishes and marks.

Stock colours available are Black or Chocolate with a variety of limited seasonal colours.

Tanbark Kangaroo

Kangaroo leather is the strongest leather for its weight in the world. No two pair of Kangaroo leather boots are the same especially the Comfort Craftsman Tanbark.This colour brings out the characteristics of the life of the Kangaroo and how it has lived its life in the bush. You will sometimes find tiny marks that are scars from battles with other kangaroos, scratching themselves with their long toenails or simply from misadventure in the bush. The other unique feature you will come across is something that looks like tiny holes these marks are from hair follicles, this is one way in which you can tell that it is Kangaroo leather. These minute scars and marks are not detrimental to the quality of the boots or leather.


Kangaroo leather is light and the strongest leather for its weight. Fine grained and chrome tanned, Kangaroo polishes up for a stylish boot. It will also have its own characteristic marks from the Kangaroo living in the bush however they might not be as prominent due to the colour finish of the leather.

European Crust Leather

The Chinchilla is made with European Crust Leather and a full kid lining. No two pair of boots are the same, each boot is handcrafted and polished by a craftsman to produce a unique finish. Burnishing is an artisanal method that brings out the richness and true characteristics of leather.

European Crust Leather is an open grain leather almost exclusively used in the making of dress boots. It is prone to blemishes and marks.

Stock colours are Cognac and Bordeaux with limited seasonal colours.

French Veal Calf

This is the best quality quality polished supple leather used exclusively in the making of the Signature Craftsman Boot. It is particularly valuable because of its softness, fine grain and durability.