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R.M.Williams Leather Care Tips

Our team would like you to enjoy and wear your boots for as long as possible, so here are our R.M.Williams leather care tips.

The R.M.Williams repair room have many boots that come in for repair, to be rejuvenated for sentimental reasons,
or to add extra life to the boots that have become moulded to your foot shape.

R.M.Williams Boots can be resoled and reheeled many times as long as the leather is kept soft and supple.

Some tips to prolong the life of your boots

To prolong the life of your boots try to avoid wearing the same pair of boots every day. Leather is natural fibre and will absorb moisture / perspiration. It is recommended that footwear be alternated every 2-3 days and allow the leather to dry out naturally in a well ventilated area, away from any direct heat source or sunlight.

It is recommended that the leather be wiped with a dry cloth before each wear in order to remove any dust and to retain a shine.

If your boots have been subjected to wet or muddy conditions, then the mud/dirt should be removed using a damp cloth and allow the boots to dry out naturally. Leather conditioner or saddle dressing should then be applied in order to re nourish the leather and then boot polish is to be applied to obtain a shine. Do not use on suede, distressed leather or nubuck.

Maintenance of your boots depends on the amount of use and exposure to the elements.

When maintaining your boots regularly check the stitching and the wear of the sole and heels. If any repairs are needed it is always best to get them done sooner rather than later.

  • Casual Light wear- Minimal 3 - Monthly
  • Dress and Office Wear- Regular 6 weekly or as the leather becomes dry

Boot Polish should only be applied when your boots start to look a bit dull or to cover scuff marks. Over application of boot polish stops the leather from breathing and prevents the absorption of leather conditioners.


Recommended for your leather care

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Take the following R.M.Williams leather care tips to prolong the longevity of your leather boots.

Burnished Leather

This is an open unfinished crust leather used in the making of the Chinchilla and other Burnished finished boots. It is prone to marks and blemishes used exclusively in the making of dress boots. Clean lightly with a damp cloth and apply Only R.M.Williams Natural boot polish do not use leather conditioner. In time the marks and blemishes will be a reminder of the journey through life and those special occasions.These boots come with protective bags. When not in use place the boots back in their bags and this will help keep them clean and prevent accidental damage.

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Cleaning, Conditioning & polishing Yearling, Kangaroo, Willow, Calf and exotic smooth finish leathers. (Excludes Tan Bark Kangaroo)

  • When you purchase your new boots apply leather conditioner to the boots with a sponge, soft cloth or hands. Allow leather conditioner to penetrate into the leather for aprox 12 - 24 hours this process does not apply to Rum yearling leather as it can darken the leather.
  • Buff off excess with a soft cloth after penetration of the conditioner.
  • For Regular care of your boots made from the above leathers;
    Clean with R.M.Willliams leather cleaner. To remove ingrained dirt and grime add a small amount of cleaner to the leather and rub evenly over using a damp cloth until clean, remove any excess with a dry cloth.
    Condition apply leather conditioner evenly with a clean cloth or hands. Allow the conditioner to penetrate before buffing of excess to a soft sheen.
  • Polish to maintain the colour off the leather and to remove scuffs and marks. Apply with a clean cloth and rub in well. Buff briskly with a shoe shine brush and finish with a buffing to obtain a high shine. For boots that are badly scuffed allow the polish to stay on overnight to allow penetration of the pigment.
  • Use a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.
  • If your boots become wet allow to dry naturally and apply leather conditioner.
  • Using leather conditioner nourishes the leather fibres keeping them supple helping to prevent cracking of the leather. Leather also needs to breath so do not over use these products.
  • Do not use leather conditioner on burnished leather
  • Leather conditioner can darken Rum Yearling in the short term ( this means the leather will darken but should resume original colour over time. If unsure apply a small amount to an area not seen to test )
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Greasy Kip, Vesta, & Latego leathers

To maintain the water resistance and qualities of these leathers use R.M.Williams Saddle and Leather Dressing.


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Suede and Nubuck Leathers

Preparing your suede Step 1.

When purchasing a new pair of suede R.M.Williams boots ensure you take the following steps to prolong the longevity of the suede.

Instantly apply R.M.Williams Suede Protector. Ensure that the boots are evenly sprayed. ( do a test spray away from boots to ensure the mister is working properly )

Allow to fully dry and repeat up to 3 times before wearing

For regular maintenance apply 3 - monthly or as required depending on use.



Cleaning your boots Step 2.

Clean boots regularly with R.M.Williams Suede Cleaner or Suede Cleaning Brush.

Ensure Suede or Nubuck Boots are cleaned properly before applying R.M.Williams Suede Protector

Please note this is a guide only if you have any questions please contact one of our team members at

Under normal circumstances, water will stain suede boots; the suede protector will help repel water and prevent stains from those every day mishaps.

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Helps to remove light stains and renew suede and nubuck leathers.

Spray onto a clean cloth or sponge & work cleaner in a circular motion, leave to dry naturally and brush up nap with suede cleaning brush

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Used to help restore the nap and to remove dust and dirt from suede and nubuck boots

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